at Meryhill Museum

Durre Waseem

My work was more academic through my university years of studying and then teaching painting. After graduation my art progressed in three stages; when I started teaching post graduation classes, more after I moved to the United States, and most of all since 2018, when I started participating in national pleinair events. I love using most mediums but i usually paint in oil



After graduating from Punjab University, (Pakistan) I started teaching art to the graduate and post graduate students for 10 years until we moved to the United States in 2001. In the beginning i spent time in teaching and studying but from 2017 i decided to become a full time artist, and since 2019 I became actively involved in pleinair events. The more I painted with different groups of artist the more i learn , most of all I learn to love the process more than the result. Although each pleinair event is filled with tremendous joy and excitement, but sometimes it comes with more honor when my painting gets some recognition
In past 2 years, along with several awards of merit I received some best of shows, such as JUst plein Fun (2022), American Impressionist Society online show (2022), Outdoor pleinair, Galveston (2023), New Bern pleinair (2023)

Artist Statement

Art had been a common intertest in our family. Growing up we sisters drew, paint and talked art all the times, In our formal art school days we had open drawing sessions and paint outs at our house. While other two sisters majored in sculpture and design I graduated in painting. For over 30 years I had only been painting from life but since last few years i started using photo references which helped me progress in my work

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