Hosting Q&A


Being a Host Q&A

Our hosting families are vitally important to the quality experience we offer the featured artists and hosting is the most prestigious of all the event's components.


Who are our artists and what are they like? For the most part, just like you and me.....parents, grandparents, extra cautious, laid back and fully vaccinated. They have kept confined during the pandemic and many have requested to be placed with only hosts who have been fully vaccinated. Six artists are bringing their spouses.  They come from Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Delaware, North and South Carolina...some are traveling as far away as Utah, Oklahoma and California.

What are suitable accommodations? If you are comfortable with guests, it can be shared space in your own home. Other properties could equally be appealing....think -  river houses, garage apartments, in-law suites, pool houses, campers, boats, condos. The host does not have to be present on the property.

What is expected of me as a host? While the standard southern welcoming phrase has always been...."Make yourself at Home". Coffee and a muffin would be a nice offer in the morning, but most artists are on location painting before their hosts are up for the day. A plein air event, while a lot of fun for the artists is also exhausting, so having an early and quiet evening may very well be the norm. Many artists also paint nocturnal scenes. These artists are pros and are experienced house guests so they will do their best to fit comfortably within your schedule.

What about covid etiquette? Who knows at the moment. Looking forward to 2024, masks may still be required at all of our planned events, but we suggest individual hosts and artists discuss openly what would be the expected mask protocol when together.

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