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Lyudmila Tomova Clark

Lyudmila currently paints figures, portraits, and landscapes in oil and watercolor. She immigrated to the US from Bulgaria in 1990, living in NYC and working as a professional artist. Her award winning art has been featured in International Artist, Walter, and Splash Books among many others. Her work has been selected for thePleinAir Salon, ArtFields, RFAS, NOAPS, AIS, WFWS, NWS and many more. She is also a Signature member of several watercolor societies. She studied Illustration at Sofia’s Academy of Fine Arts and later at FIT in New York where she earned a BFA degree. She resides in Cary, NC.



Lyudmila Tomova Clark is a globally acclaimed, award-winning artist celebrated for her distinctive impressionist style. Residing in both Cary, NC, and Almond, WI, she passionately captures figures, portraits, and plein air scenes in both oil and watercolor mediums. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, her artistic journey flourished upon her immigration to the US in 1990, where she thrived as a full-time painter, editorial illustrator, and designer in the dynamic landscape of New York City.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, Lyudmila’s work has earned recognition in prestigious plein air events such as Easton, Bluff Strokes, Glaciers, Suffolk, and New Bern, among others. Her art seamlessly blends abstract and realistic elements, weaving together mood and movement. Lyudmila holds a BFA degree in Illustration with highest honors from the Sofia Academy of Fine Arts in Bulgaria and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, showcasing her adept navigation of Classical realism and impressionism.

Beyond her studio, Lyudmila generously imparts her passion by conducting workshops on watercolor, oil, acrylic, and drawing throughout North Carolina. As a distinguished Signature member of the Watercolor Societies of NC (silver signature member), Georgia, Southern, and the Southwestern Watercolor Society, her influence extends far beyond her canvas. Her numerous accolades include features in the International Artist magazine, Walter magazine, Splash books, and inclusion in Strokes of Genius 8: Expressive Texture by North Light Books.

Lyudmila’s artistic legacy is evident through her participation in esteemed exhibitions such as PleinAir Salon, ArtFields, RFAS, WFWS, and NWS. Playfully reflecting on her early plein air initiation at the age of 13 in the Special School of Fine Arts in Bulgaria, she fondly embraces her approach, which she whimsically dubs “create-destroy-create” – a rhythmic dance mirrored in her gestures on canvas. The year 2023 marked a remarkable chapter, with Lyudmila earning an impressive 22 awards in various national and international exhibitions, 9 of which were first place, underscoring her enduring excellence and unwavering commitment to the ever-evolving language of creativity.

Artist Statement

Renowned artist Lyudmila dazzled the art world in 2023, clinching an astonishing 22 awards in national and international exhibitions, 9 of which were first place. She whimsically dubs her painting style “create-destroy-create” – a rhythmic dance of gestures on canvas. Lyudmila’s talent has earned her numerous Best in Show accolades and features in esteemed publications like International Artist magazine. Inspired by nature’s beauty, her work shines in prestigious plein air events like Easton, Bluff Strokes, Telluride, Lighthouse, Glaciers, Suffolk, and New Bern. With a penchant for portraying figures, Lyudmila’s canvases come alive with narrative depth and vibrant energy.

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