Craig Reynolds

Craig Reynolds was born in Gadsden, Alabama, taught by his father at an early age to draw and paint. He worked in the steel industry and his part time art career until retirement in 2005 therefore beginning his art business as a full-time professional artist. Craig Reynolds was taught by his father but gives much credit to his college art professor. In later years Craig became mostly self-taught while studying the works of his favorite masters and artist peers and continuing his lifelong journey to learn. Craig was greatly influenced by the Wyeths, Sargent, and Gruppe.



Craig Reynolds lives in Gadsden, Alabama located along the Coosa River in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Craig is primarily a self-taught artist influenced heavily by his artist father and college art professor. Craig has always been heavily influenced by The Wyeths, Sargent and Gruppe and has studied under peers Roger Dale Brown and Jason Saunders. Craig began his full-time art career in 2005, began plein air painting in 2005 and now competes in many plein air competitions annually. Craig also teaches a mentoring program as well as a few workshops every year.

Shadows On the Teche artist
Artist On Location Plein air Competition artist
Paint Annapolis artist
Plein Air New Bern artist
High Cotton Paintout 1ST place
Pike Road Paintout 1st and 3rd place
NOAPS Small Works Showcase plein air competition 2nd place
Workshop Lacombe La
Bath County Plein air Festival

Paint Annapolis the Harbor Award
Artist On Location 2nd place
High Cotton Paintout Honorable Mention
Pike Road Paintout Best of Show
Shadows On the Teche artist
New Smyrna Beach Paintout artist
Bath County Plein air Festival
Door County, Plein air Festival

St George Island Paintout 3rd place
NOAPS Small Works Show Award of Merit
Bath County Plein air Festival
Shadows On the Teche artist

Plein air Fairhope First Place
New Smyrna Beach Paintout
Pines and Palms Fall Show 3rd place
High Cotton Paintout featured artist
Bath County Plein air Festival Best Nocturne
Pines and Palms Workshop
Paint Annapolis
St George Island Paintout First Place
Lighthouse Plein air Festival
Wekiva Paintout
Artist On Location Plein air Competition First Place

Wekiva Paintout
New Smyrna Beach Paintout
Fort Myers Beach Plein air Competition 3rd place
The Best of The Chesapeake Show McBride Gallery
Plein air Easton juried artist
Workshop Gautier, Mississippi
Artist On Location Plein air Competition Honorable Mention
St George Island Paintout Juried Artist
Shadows On the Teche Plein air Competition Third Place

American Impressionist Society Small Works Show
Juried Artist Shadows on The Teche Plein air Competition
Ballyhoo Festival- Best Of show
Paint The Town Plein air Competition – Best of Show
Paint Annapolis Juried Artist
Paint The Beach Plein air Competition 1st and 2nd place – Quickdraw Gulf Shores workshop
Shadows On the Teche artist

McBride Gallery, Annapolis Maryland
Live Oak Gallery, Apalachicola Florida
Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach, Alabama
Dauphin Island Gallery, Dauphin Island, Alabama

Artist Statement

My painting process is deeply rooted in the essence of life, as I find inspiration by capturing the intricacies of subjects in real-time. The vitality of observing and interpreting essential elements like lighting, values, and color harmony in nature becomes the bedrock of my artistic expression. Through this immersive approach, I elevate my work to new heights. Despite accolades and recognition, my current focus centers on the gratifying journey of evolving to create expansive artworks based on my field notes and plein-air experiences, marking a significant milestone in my artistic progression.

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