2024 Workshops



Shanna Kunz

Shanna Kunz of Ogden, UT is a naturalist painter of the landscape that surrounds her, interpreting the quiet and familiar places of the American West. She has been featured in numerous major art publications, including a feature article in Art Of The West, Western Art & Architecture, Plein Air Magazine, Outdoor Painter, Southwest Art Magazine, Western Art Collector and Fine Art Connoisseur.

May 13-15,  ​3 Day Workshop


James Richards AISM

James's workshops are geared to unravel the mystery of capturing light in your paintings. After many years of teaching and observing the artwork being created today, James realizes a major component that is missing in most work: The true illusion of light. Developing this one thing will add power and feeling into your work. This will also give you the freedom to explore your personal artistic creative voice.

FULL - May 16-17,  2 Day Workshop
To Waitlist send request to info.ncpleinair@gmail.com


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